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through M&E and research


We're a small consulting firm providing professional services in international development and humanitarian research, and MEAL capacity building.


We lead migration-focused M&E activities, policy and legislative research, and capacity building trainings, across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus. 


Our clients include UN agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society actors and government ministries.


We (Silviu Kondan and Rowena Symss) have worked jointly with several UN agencies and non-governmental organizations as external evaluators, and researchers leading migration projects across the humanitarian-development nexus.


We often focus on national and regional cross-sectoral dialogue and capacity building initiatives across diverse geographic contexts, such as ECOWAS, MENA, South-East Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. Our expertise includes the development of results-based MEAL frameworks, conducting qualitative and quantitative research, and in developing participatory research approaches to assess or develop projects, programmes and strategic plans. 

Thematically, these projects have covered a range of migration topics: migration management and governance, border management, disaster risk reduction, return, readmission and reintegration, detention and alternatives to detention, prevention and protection of vulnerable migrants (including of victims of trafficking and smuggling, asylum seekers and refugees, unaccompanied and separated children), and diaspora engagement and mapping. 

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